Our latest product development sees us introduce bold new enhancements. The new 10 – 750 kVA range offers you outstanding value for money and in turn guarantees maximum efficiency and productivity.

Features & Benefits
Powerful & Compact
With our-valve structure with better Ventilation performance and high charging coefficient, power can be improved by 25-30%.
High average effective pressure make engine with large torque and power.
Electric governor makes good combustion control .

Easy Maintenance
The mounting arrangement now sees the most frequently serviced parts mounted on the same side of the generating set and incorporates grouped fuel connections. This arrangement is conducive to minimal maintenance times and maximum generating set operation and up time. 

Drag points on the base frame ease transportation and reduce the risk of damage during forklift and other handling. 

Durable Construction
A robustly constructed base frame, point-coated using advanced processes, offers optimum corrosion resistance. Combined with other enhancements, improvements to generating set performance, durability and serviceability are guaranteed. 
Generating set   KX73
Rated frequency HZ 50 60
Prime power(PRP) KVA 60 70
KW 48 56
Standby power(STP) KVA 66 77
KW 52.8 61.6
Rated voltage V 400/ 230 416/ 240
Rated current A 86.6 97.2
Rated rotation speed r/min 1500 1800
Engine Engine type   KD4114
Structure type   4-cylinder, in-lined,
4-stoke, direct injection,
Bore×stroke mm 114×125
Displacement L 5.1
Compression ratio   17.3:1
Prime power KW 56 66
Water-cooled water capacity L 9.2(w/o raditor)
Lubrication system   Pressure splashed
Lube oil brand   Above CD SAE 10W-30, 15W-40
Lube capacity L 20
Starter system   24V  Electric system
Starting motor capacity V-KW 24V  5KW
Charging generator capacity V-A 24V  50A
Battery capacity V-Ah 12V 120Ah  ×2个
Fuel consumption ratio g/KW.h 220 225
Fuel type   diesel: 0#(summer)-10#(winter)-35#(cold)
Generator Generator type   KFS70
Pole No.   4
Excitation mode   Brushless,self-excitation and constant voltage(with AVR)
Power factor COSΦ 0.8(lag)
Insulation grade   H
Genset Panel type   KP310
Noise level(1m) dB(A) 75
Fuel tank capacity L 320
Overall dimensions mm 3300 x 1150 x1700
Net weight kg 2300

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