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Short Description:

● Simple Controls
● Reliable & Safe
● Best Source of Light
● Quick Installation
● Simplified Maintenance
● Easy to Move





The KL11T gives out an impressive amount of bright light in a compact frame. The lighttower is your flexible choice for dark conditions because it is easy to transport and move around on job sites. It is robust and reliable which also has several innovative features, making it safe and easy to use.

Features & benefits

Simple Controls 

Its easy-to-use controller comes with a weekly timer to schedule up to eight lighting events. Key features include a start up sequence that avoids overloading the alternator, parameter display (AMPs, voltage, frequency, fuel levels, etc.), an event log, an emergency stop and an optional remote start. 

Reliable & Safe  

The controller allows you to start the four lamps one by one to help avoid the risk of failure of the alternator excitation system. In addition, Pulse & Pause Ballast technology prevents filament damage and extends the lifetime of the lamp. As the control panel is outside the main cubicle, you don’t have to contact with the engine to start operation. 

Best Source of Light 

The KL11T needs less power to produce more light. Metal halide lamps are one of the most efficient ways of turning electrical energy into light currently available on the market. A 98-liter fuel tank ensures 42 hours of uninterrupted operation (with only the lamps on) which helps to save time.

Quick Installation 

It takes only seconds to extend the KL11T’s mast to its maximum height of 6.7m and to rotate it 340°.The windproof ability ≤ 6. It has four stabilizers to make it safer.

Simplified Maintenance 

The large service doors of KL11T provide quick access to components on both sides, including the alternator, hydraulic system, engine and electrical components. Easy to reach the drains for water and oil. An external filling point makes it faster for refueling.

Robust & Environmental Friendly 

The KL11T is tougher than the others because it has a heavy-duty galvanized steel canopy, a powerful KIPOR engine and a professional alternator. The polyester powder paint coating makes it can operate for 720 hours in salt spray tests. The frame of KL11T can prevent fuel from spilling out.

Easy to Move 

Different types of trailer, including off-road non-homologated and on-road homologated are available to fit a wide range of applications.


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  • Floodlight model  KL11T
    Lamp power -No.W100-4
    Total power of the lampsW4000
    Luminuous fluxlm360000
    Eight stages lifting mast
    Lifting limit of the mast
    Dimensions(after retreating)
    ≤ 10 degrees
    Windproof ability
    ≤ 6 grade
    Rated frequencyHz5060
    Rated powerkVA8.510.5
    Max. powerkVA9.511.5
    Rated voltageV230240
    Rated currentA3743.8
    Engine model
    Fuel type
    Fuel consumption rateL·h3.7
    Fuel tank capacityh98
    Continuous running timeh42

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