These needs combined with the latest technology has driven the product line we offer today.


Short Description:

● Steady and reliable performance.
● Advanced noise reduction design
● Perfect injection technology
● Unique transmission system
● Quick&easy starting




More simple, reliable and technological 

Based on years of production and sales experience, the core concept of KNOXGEN is to solve power problems for clients with advanced technology. In the perspective of users, the products of KNOXGEN are characterized by low fuel consumption and low maintenance cost. KNOXGEN engines comply with the latest emissions regulations through our original advanced diesel engine technologies. 

Features & benefits

Advanced noise reduction design 

The efficient muffler reduces the exhaust noise significantly. Large air filters minimize intake noise. The engine noise is further reduced by the high strength cylinder block, cylinder head cover and the reasonable timing structure of intake and exhaust valves. 

Perfect injection technology 

KNOXGEN independently developed precise injection system, ensure efficient fuel injection. High precision injection pump and direct injection system make fuel consumption reach the ideal level. Good air intake and sufficient combustion make its emission lower to meet EPA standard. 

Unique transmission system 

The new generation of KNOXGEN portable diesel engine adopts well-designed gear transmission mechanism, which can greatly reduce vibration and noise.


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  • Diesel Engine
    Single-cylinder, vertical, air-cooled,four-stroke, direct injection
    Bore× Stroke mm86×72
    Compression ratio
    Rated power/Rated speedkW/r/min5.70/3000   6.3/3600
    The lowest speed at zero loadr/min_x005f≤1300
    Lubricating system
    Pressure splashed
    Starting system
    Recoil starter or Electric starter
    Rotation direction (face to the output axle)
    Fuel tank capacityL5.5
    Fuel consumption(g/kW.h)/r/min275.1/3000 281.5/3600
    Lube oil type
    CD grade or SAE 10W-30, 15W-40
    Lube oil capacityL1.65
    Starting Motor CapacityV, Kw12V 0.8kW
    Charging Generator CapacityV, A12V 3A
    Accumulator CapacityV, AhAbove 12V 36Ah
    Overall dimension(L×W×H)mm420×440×495
    Dry weightkg≤_x005f 47

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